A continuous observation on how the world moves, colors and signs, the reactions to everyday things, language, sounds, culture. As designers of the digital era, we come to translate analog experiences to digital, through apps and websites, filling those gaps with technology and color.

Functionality, uniformity, expectations. Design forms, clear fonts, interactions. The components of a design journey from a white page, to the user's screen.

I am Constantine Belias, a graphic designer from Athens, Greece, with an exploratory mood in User Interface Design for mobile applications and web sites. I also do illustrations and other creative stuff for living or just when I am having my first coffee of the day.

Having my postgraduate studies in graphic design as a base, I have worked in the industry of web design for more than 4 years and accomplished projects which required strong knowledge of understanding HTML and CSS3. I am now working, almost exclusively, with UI design in both iOS and Android application platforms.

For a complete resume, please visit my Linkedin Profile.